Doug Russell is the founder of Lighting Workshop. With 20 years experience in designing lighting solutions for residential, hospitality, retail, and workplace environments, Doug practices from the deep conviction that thoughtful lighting design, and dynamic visual environments, are more experiential than quantifiable…that matters of “how much light” are trumped by questions of “how does the light feel.” His design approach acknowledges lighting as a primary connection between the built environment and the people who inhabit them. He also believes that successful lighting design must involve satisfying clients in a broader context, and as such, has continuously sought to weave into Lighting Workshop’s DNA an intense focus on providing our customers the highest level of service.  Aside from designing lighting, Doug serves as faculty at The Pratt Institute. Doug is a super-fan of: his wife, golf, Brooklyn, oysters, New York Yankees, old school BMX, cold beer, Jean Nouvel, The Replacements, and 2-stroke scooters.