Michael has over ten years’ experience in the lighting industry, designing a broad range of projects including commercial interior and exteriors, hospitality, retail, and healthcare. He believes lighting should enhance the architecture and interior on a macro-gestural scale before delving into details and specific solutions. A student of art and design, Michael has developed a keen eye for aesthetic nuance that informs and propels his designs through iterative processes, much like those honed over years of printmaking. Michael holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from Hamilton College and a Master of Arts Degree from F.I.T. for Exhibition Deisgn. Prior to Lighting Workshop, he worked as a Senior Designer and project manager at Hillman DiBernardo Leiter Castelli (HDLC) and AKF Group. His two dogs, Missy Coconut and Toasty Brown, regularly strut the office floor with commanding presence.