Steven rides his BMX cruiser from Brownstone Brooklyn to our DUMBO studio every day.  This is his preferred mode of transportation because it is, by far, the most fun.  “Being green” is only an added bonus when the wind is in your hair and you’re soaring past some of the most magnificent architecture Brooklyn has to offer.  Steven finds this concept an important one to remember while developing design solutions.  Sustainability should be one of many positive results of good design, not the driving force behind it.  He also points out that you don’t always need the latest and greatest in technology to get there.  Sometimes, the most tried and true technologies are the best way forward.  When Steven’s not in the studio, you can find him at the Rockaways with his long board and, perhaps, a fishing pole.  If it’s too cold for surfing, you might find him heading north with skis in tow.  Regardless of where he is, Steven is constantly absorbing his surroundings and finding inspiration in them.