Architect A+I
Category Workplace
Location New York, NY
Photographer Magda Biernat
Awards NYC X DESIGN Award 2022: Commercial Lobby/ Amenity Space Honoree
NYC X DESIGN Award 2022: Staircase Winner

NYC Sustainable Destination

This newly renovated sustainable destination with a biophilic focus is nestled in the heart of New York City. Featuring artificial programmable and tunable lighting that mimics daylight which overall enhances and contributes to the green oasis for new and existing tenants.

The lobby features a sanctuary of indoor plantings and a full-service coffee bar, which is crowned by a bespoke wrap around steel lighting element which creates both ambient and accent lighting, enhancing the café space.

The Gardens has a biophilic focus that is centered around greenery and nature, so the presence of natural light is crucial. The challenge was to deliver the impression that natural light is penetrating all of the common spaces, even though the majority of the spaces are subterranean, and the existing building lobby has fixed fenestration that delivers very little daylight into the space.

A large, backlit louvered skylight is the central lighting piece of the double height lobby. In various locations throughout the project, ceilings are pulled away from walls to reveal lighting details that reinforce the notion that light is penetrating the spaces below, conceivably from the skylight above. All of the lighting is tunable and programmed to shift color throughout the day to match the color of exterior daylight, further reinforcing the notion that that the artificial lighting is natural.

The subterranean restaurant Lafolia also features biophilic artificial lighting that changes color to match the light from this space’s main skylight. A warmer and cozier setting differentiates it from the coworking spaces and lobby, providing another area of refuge for everyone.